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Lack of Sleep and Lack of Focus

Toh Shannen

Being a workaholic does not necessarily mean a good thing. The truth is that it is an attitude that would soon show signs of disadvantages that you should be avoiding. There are people who think that being a workaholic is good because it means that they are more productive.  On the other hand, they may soon lose this advantage if one considers not to sleep all because of the love of work. When one lacks sleep because he tends to work too much, he may soon lose his productivity.  In the end, he just loses hours of sleep without really gaining anything.

The Lack of Sleep

There could be many reasons for lack of sleep. More than often, you would blame some other things or tasks that you need to do, which is why you seldom get time to close your eyes and doze off.  However, the kind of attitude you have towards work life balance is the determining factor.  If you are not really keen on sleeping then you would naturally miss hours that you are supposed to spend for resting or sleeping.  And losing sleep so often may prove to be detrimental to health in the long run.

The Lack of Focus

The lack of sleep could be physically unhealthy. It is also the same when it comes to mental health. In fact, the effect is proportional. The longer it is that you miss sleep, your lack of focus also worsens. No matter how sharp your mind normally is, if you have not been sleeping well, your brain tends to get lazy.  It would find it difficult to focus or to retrieve information that you need.  This is the reason why you still need to some rest. Your brain needs it too. At times, you need to unwind and find yourself time for a total rest, which is good to both your mind and body.

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