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4 Simple Things to Do to Improve Your Sleep

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Sleep is an essential aspect in everyone’s life. Sleep not only “recharges” and rejuvenates your tired body so that you can always function with full capacity, but also repairs damaged body cells. Some people often overlook the importance of sleep, and to them, the less time spent sleeping, the better. However, to be able to do any task to the best of one’s abilities, it is undeniable that getting enough sleep and rest is important, since sleep also helps to enhance focus and concentration towards a particular task.


Many people these days suffer from sleep deprivation due to various factors such as work. Some even face insomnia, and find it difficult to fall asleep at night. They lay on their beds staring at their bedroom ceiling and trying to drift off, but they just can’t seem to. If you have these kinds of problems, here are 5 simple and effective things you can do to improve your sleep.


  1. Water – The most basic thing apart from oxygen that sustains life is water. Drinking enough water throughout the day is important to keep your body hydrated through the night. However, keep in mind not to drink water (or eat anything) an hour or two before sleeping. You wouldn’t want to have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet
  2. Environment – Making sure that your sleeping environment is cool and not too warm is also important. Many times, I have been woken up by solely by the warmness of my room. So, if your room has air conditioning, turning it on an hour before sleeping to cool down the room might be a good choice. If not, opening the windows to allow air flow is a good option too.
  3. Sleeping time – Sleeping late is often linked to negative side effects, and rightly so. Your body expels toxins through the liver and repairs itself most actively around 11 at night to approximately 1 in the morning, so it would be good to be sound asleep during that time.
  4. Duration of sleep – Even though not everyone needs the same amount of sleep (such as infants requiring more sleep than young adults), having adequate hours of sleep is important. Sometimes, sleeping for too long may even have the opposite effect of making you even more tired, lethargic, and not well rested. So, it is important to determine how many hours of sleep you personally need and to keep at it as best as possible.
Though the quantity of sleep is important, sleep quality determines how well your body manages to gain rest. If you’re facing sleep deprivation, do try out the points mentioned so that you’ll be able to get adequate sleep.


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