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4 Tips to Help You Improve Your Memory

Charlemagne Lim brain training

Have you ever tried memorising some kind of information and yet weren’t able to remember what you committed to memory? Not being able to recall information is something everybody faces from time to time. Both the young and old face this. Students try hard to memorise facts for exams but at the very last minute forget certain things, older people sometimes have difficulty in remembering the items to get when shopping for groceries. Everyone has their own way of memorising things; however, apart from memorising strategies, there are other factors which many don’t consider when it comes to boosting memory. 


  1. Nutrition – What you eat can help improve your memory. Choosing foods which are linked to memory improvement are important since these foods help enhance your brain activity. Fresh vegetables such as celery, broccoli, and cauliflower contain antioxidants that not only protect your brain but aid production of new brain cells.


  1. Exercise – By exercising, you not only train and develop your body muscles, but also help your brain in various ways. When you exercise, you stimulate nerve cell growth, which helps strengthen their interconnections in the brain. This would result in enhancing memory since the overall memory centre of the brain continues to expand.


  1. Participate in various activities – By not limiting yourself to do only certain activities you enjoy, you enable your brain to be stimulated, since different activities require you to think differently by doing them. In that sense, doing activities is a form of brain training. For instance, learning to swim and learning to play a musical instrument both use the brain in acquiring skills to master the activity. However, the ways the skills are obtained make use of the brain’s capacity to think and act differently.


  1. Good sleep – Having good, quality sleep is important, since it not only makes sure your body gets enough rest, but during sleep, your body works itself to repair any damaged cells. Throughout the day, after doing so many tasks, your brain is sure to get tired out. By getting adequate sleep, you manage to fully “recharge” your brain, so that your brain would always be at its optimum peak when you wake up.


If you’ve managed to successfully eat right, get enough exercise and sleep, and vary the activities you participate in, I’m sure your memory power would considerably improve. Other than these tips, there are many good programs out there that help you to train your brain. The Brain Shop offers various types of brain training products that help you enhance your brain power in different aspects.

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