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Memory booster tips you can do without sweating

Charlemagne Lim improve cognitive

While everyone is busy struggling with their academics and memory performance, it is good to take a break and boost some nerve cells in the brain called neurons. Trust that the time you’d allocate for such goal is something worth your while even if it means giving up five minutes of reading for some mind exercise or oxygen replenishment.

Worry not for these exercises for the brain does not need much of your energy and time. You can even consider them as a worthwhile in between detachments from the stress you are currently going through. It even helps you boost your mind again and be ready for another set of review and reading materials which are piled up on your desk. Here are some of the useful tips you can do without exerting much effort:


Yes. You have read it right and you are probably reading the title again that says you won’t  have to break a sweat. But the verb exercise here does not imply extreme workout routines. Light jogs and some jumping jacks may do. The exercise aims to get more oxygen reach your brain. It actually feeds and energy to boost your mind. You can stop when you feel your heart beats a little bit faster. Hence, no sweat required.


It helps your mind to rest a bit at the same time assess some things in your life you might be missing. It also makes you think out of the box and create a space for inner peace. With such, you can go on with your work with less distraction and more realization for motivation.

Music and visuals help

These are also memory booster. Whether the music or visual materials are related to the topic you are dealing with at the moment, it would still help you improve memory and even increase creativity. Isn’t it nice to hear that you can improve memory and some skills by just watching videos and listening to music that stimulates brain functions.

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