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Deep Brain Stimulation

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iNeuro BrainPower


Jump Start Your Intelligence

Ever admired smart people and wished you could be just like them and do the things they can? Ever been told that you’re stuck with whatever IQ you have and nothing you do can change that?

Put all that aside and discover how iNeuro BrainPower is designed to  increase your intelligence, productivity and efficiency through deep brain stimulation and can make it all happen. The programme guides the neuro circuitry of the brain, electrifying your mind and boosting your IQ by up to 30 points.


Increase your intelligence

Imagine the goals you can achieve with a higher IQ. The programme generates increased neural connections and neurotransmitters, working your brain hard to maintain existing connections and develop new ones, resulting in an overall increase in your brain’s performance.

Boost Productivity and Efficiency

As iNeuro BrainPower revs up your brain’s performance, it naturally pulls you out of your comfort zone and drives you to operate at a higher level. With your brain operating at its peak, you will uncover new motivation to accomplish your personal, academic and professional goals, thereby taking your productivity and efficiency to new heights.

Reverse the brain’s degeneration process

Recent studies have shown that as people get older, the brain starts trimming away areas which are not trained or used as often. As such, it starts to weaken and problems such as memory loss and slower processing begins to set in. iNeuro BrainPower completely reverses this degeneration process, allowing you to retain the mental acuity and perception that youth enjoys.

Combat age-related problems

Alzheimer’s, dementia and other age-related problems now have a new enemy. iNeuro BrainPower accelerates cerebral functions and upgrades the brain’s hardware, producing a memory that is more accurate, lasting and dynamic. With the programme, remembering events, recalling facts and memorising material become simple tasks.

Gain the benefit of a high IQ

iNeuro BrainPower is design for individuals who desire increased performance and achievement in life, as well as anyone who believes they can benefit from heightened IQ and finely tuned brain power.

In order to get the maximum results out of this programme, we recommend listening to the programme for 30 minutes to an hour every day as you carry out your daily chores.

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