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iNeuro MentalSpeed

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iNeuro MentalSpeed


The need for mental speed

Discover the depth of your child’s mental capabilities as iNeuro MentalSpeed enhances brain fitness while improving mental endurance. The programme engages your child’s brain to process and retain information effectively as well as speed up mental processes having to navigate complicated programs or participate in tedious repetition.

Improve mathematical acuity
With iNeuro MentalSpeed your child’s brain is trained to increase its pace of logical reasoning and perform mathematical calculations at top speed. So you can count on your child acing that mathematics test or impress friends with speedy number crunching abilities and sharper mental processing skills.

Enhance photographic memory
From remembering the day’s lessons to capturing critical information, every student will benefit immensely from an enhanced photographic memory. iNeuro MentalSpeed helps your child pay greater attention to details and retain that information with an enhanced memory fuelled by improved brain performance and mental capacity.

Improve mental alertness
iNeuro MentalSpeed pushes your child’s brain to reach a high performance zone allowing him or her to walk away with a clearer, more alert mind. It doubles the brain’s processing speed, drastically reducing the time needed for logical reasoning, while maintaining acute accuracy.

Make better decisions with enhanced clarity of thought
Making muddled decision will prove to be a thing of the past with iNeuro MentalSpeed. The programme helps your child to process and retain information swiftly and precisely, allowing the brain to better process information, resulting in clearer decisions without the unnecessary stress.

The easy way to a speedier brain
iNeuro MentalSpeed actually has brainwave technology carefully integrated in the soothing contemporary music which enhances mental alertness and promotes quicker thinking. For optimal results, play iNeuro MentalSpeed for 35 minutes at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Who will benefit
This program works well for people of all ages and is found to be especially useful for children who require that extra edge in their school work to excel academically and for adults who wish to enhance and improve their mental speed and intellectual capability.


V1 music by : Frank Nora
V2 Music by : Kevin MacLeod

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