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iNeuro HealFast

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iNeuro HealFast


Speed Up Your Healing Process

Often, our minds are much more powerful than we believe. Discover the potential of your subconscious mind and unleash its ability to speed up your healing process and recover from illnesses faster. With iNeuro HealFast, your brain will be nurtured to eliminate emotional blocks, clear limiting beliefs and heal physical ailments, consequently paving the way to a healthier, happier you.


Boost Your Immune System And Repair Cells

With the brainwave technology used in iNeuro Healfast, you can improve your immune system naturally.  As you continuously use the programme, your body will take a shorter time to recover from illnesses and exhaustion. Also you will notice that the time it takes for your body to recuperate from any injury or surgery will dramatically decrease.

Overcome Phobias

Conquer your deepest fears and phobias and stop them from damaging your self esteem and self worth. As iNeuro Healfast taps into your subconscious mind, it empowers you with positive affirmations that will help you overcome any deep-seated fears and give you the added confidence needed to tackle any health ailments.

Decrease Blood Pressure and Chronic Pain

By changing your thought patterns, iNeuro Healfast will strengthen your subconscious mind and elevate your general state of well being. Your blood pressure will decrease and any headaches as well as chronic or transient pain you have been experiencing will be a thing of the past.

Reduce Stress and Depression

iNeuro Healfast teaches your brain to reject negativity and focus on the positive side of things. This means that you will feel stop feeling discouraged and regain an optimistic frame of mind. You will find yourself feeling less anxious and better able to deal with stress both mentally and physically.

Why Wait To Recover?

iNeuro Healfast  is perfect for anyone above the age of 7 who wishes to accelerate their body’s healing process and enhance their overall well-being.  

For optimal results, play the MP3 for an hour at night or any other time during the day when required.


Note: Not recommended for pregnant ladies and children under 7 years old.


V2 Music by : Kevin MacLeod

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