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Sleep Deprivation & Insomnia Treatment

Acure Brain Lab Pte Ltd

iNeuro SleepRemedy


Dreaming Of The Perfect Sleep

If you wake up in the morning feeling tired and can’t seem to get through your afternoon meetings without sneaking in a nap during lunch, your disruptive sleep pattern is most likely the root of the problem. iNeuro SleepRemedy promises a deep, restful sleep, resulting in you feeling more energised to take on the day’s challenges.

Say Goodbye to Restless Sleep

If you find yourself wide awake in bed or simply unable to sleep peacefully through the night, iNeuro SleepRemedy is the perfect solution. iNeuro SleepRemedy provides sleep deprivation and insomnia treatment as it slows down brainwaves to reach a low activity state, thus creating the optimal brainwave pattern needed for a deep, restful sleep. This allows your body to get the rest it requires after a demanding day at work or school, leaving you recharged in the morning.  

A Healthier, Happier You

The benefits of a good night’s rest are invaluable. Not only does it make you feel energised and completely refreshed throughout the day, it also reduces risks of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. iNeuro SleepRemedy helps you improve your sleep quality so that you wake up refreshed with a clearer mind, allowing you to cope better with the daily stresses of life.

Sleep Your Way To A Better Memory

Good quality sleep also does more than just improve physical health and appearance. It does wonders for the mental health by sharpening your memory skills. With iNeuro SleepRemedy, you will find that you are able to process and retain information more easily, and make more effective decisions. For students, getting a good night’s rest can also translate into better learning abilities.

The Best Way To Sleeping Easy

iNeuro SleepRemedy regulates your brainwaves so that it optimises your quality of sleep, ensuring you of undisrupted rest throughout the night. It also counteracts imbalanced sleeping patterns and effectively manages symptoms of sleepwalking. Simply play iNeuro SleepRemedy just before bed to and find yourself falling into a deep sleep easily and quickly.

Who It Benefits

If you suffer from restless and disrupted sleep patterns, insomnia, sleep walking, or if you simply want to improve your quality of sleep, then iNeuro SleepRemedy is the effective solution to your problem. It is beneficial for all adults and children above 7 years old but is not recommended for pregnant women.  


Just play and proceed to sleep to enjoy your sleep.


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