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How It Works

The Brain Shop offers a neuro-technology that helps people of all ages and conditions to achieve greater brain balance using the cutting edge technology, with combination of the latest advances in neuroscience, neuroplasticity, computer technology, and brainwave entrainment. We uses iNeuro (brainwave entrainment), iNeuro Subliminal (subliminal messages), Biofeedback and Neurofeedback to improve the brain function of the person. It has shown to help cognitive, emotional, and physical challenges, and enhance overall performance and well-being.

iNeuro Subliminal uses the most advanced and tested silent subliminal programming to provide your brain with the key messages and content delivery. The spectrogram below shows the silent subliminal message and content that are detected in iNeuro Subliminal.

The key to iNeuro Subliminal’s effectiveness is the use of silent subliminal which works very well to target the subconscious mind.  It avoids the mind’s natural noise and sound filtration capability.  Messages that can be heard are normally filtered out by the mind based on the person’s preset conditions. You will hear only hear what you want to hear. Thus, iNeuro Subliminal’s effectiveness in message and content delivery rest on its advanced technology to deliver its content and messages directly into your long term memory.

With the use of advanced brain entrainment technology and carefully tuned combination of brainwave frequencies for targeting the perfect mental state for that specific program, iNeuro Subliminal is able to achieve success in its delivery where other similar products FAILED to do so.
INEURO is unlike other subliminal products that you might have tried. It does not use ocean waves or ambience generator in the background. Carefully selected acoustic, soothing melody and music are selected as the carrier. Making iNeuro Subliminal a pleasant and brilliant piece of art to own and enjoy.