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iNeuro NeuroConnect


Realise the power of a fully synchronised brain

Most if not all of us use one side of the brain more dominantly then the other. Imagine what you could achieve if you could harness the potential power of both sides of the brain at the same time. Think it is impossible? Now you can with iNeuro NeuroConnect Brain Synchrony. The programme will help to synchronise the left and right sides of your brain so that both halves of your brain operate at the same speeds. With the proper balance in place, you can increase your learning speed, improve your memory and take control of dyslexia and dementia.

Utilise both sides of your brain
iNeuro NeuroConnect Brain Synchrony will effectively activate the left and right hemispheres, thus stimulating nervous system activity equally in all areas of the brain. This means that you will create new and in time, permanent neural connections between both hemispheres and optimising your brain’s potential. Being able to come up with creative solutions and process information in an orderly manner will be your new-found strength and you will find yourself being able to face challenging situations with new ease and clarity.

Accelerate your learning speed

You will find that with consistent use of the programme, you will speed up the time it takes to absorb and process information. With the program, your brain will be trained to function at an optimal speed and capacity .This will give you improved articulation, enhanced speech patterns and also establish your natural learning pattern. You no longer have to constantly pour over textbooks or struggle writing that work report as will learn new things faster and remember information easily.

Take control of dyslexia and dementia

People diagnosed with dyslexia often have learning difficulties and have a weakness for languages. By using iNeuro NeuroConnect Brain Synchrony, it can train the brain to accelerate its transmission speed so that it increases performance levels, enhances overall mental abilities while engaging the whole brain to overcome obstacles to learning. You can also take control of dementia with this programme as your brain power will be maximised and your mind will gain the clarity and focus needed to remember and retrieve information better and faster.

See your brain perform at its best

iNeuro NeuroConnect Brain Synchrony has been created for both adults and students aged 7 years and above who wants to maximise their brains’ full potential and increase their ability to learn faster, process information easily and enhance their overall mental abilities.

Simply play iNeuro NeuroConnect MP3 for an hour during the day. For the best results, use the programme every day to stimulate your mind.




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