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iNeuro Subliminal Accelerated Learning

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iNeuro Subliminal Accelerated Learning


Accelerated learning for today’s information age

In this information age, nothing is more valuable than the ability to absorb, process and understand new knowledge quickly and effectively. Your child can get that extra edge in today’s competitive world with iNeuro Subliminal Accelerated Learning.  You will find that the ability to learn will be dramatically increased, freeing up time to pursue sports, music and other activities that will mould them into well-rounded, happy children.


Tune the brain to learn

By harnessing powerful brainwave technology, iNeuro Subliminal Accelerated Learning stimulates the brain and optimises its absorption and learning abilities, thus minimising the amount of time spent on revision and repetition.

Ignite the passion for learning

iNeuro Subliminal Accelerated Learning anchors positive messages in the brain and instils enthusiasm and a thirst within your child to learn new concepts and gain knowledge. When played regularly, the iNeuro Subliminal Accelerated Learning will cultivate practices and attitudes in your child and help draw out talents, maximise capabilities and greatly increasing the desire to learn.

Dive towards deeper knowledge

With a stronger, more focused mind, your child can concentrate better and study for longer periods of time uninterrupted by distractions or negative thoughts. This will help propel him or her further academically, giving an often-needed boost of confidence and making learning enjoyable.

Develop positive thoughts

Surrounded by negative thoughts, the mind can grow to become a prison, confining your child and holding him or her back from reaching his or her full potential. With iNeuro Subliminal Accelerated Learning, positive subliminal messages are spoken to your little one’s brain, training it to reject negativity and fortify itself from developing poor behaviour, while reinforcing optimistic thoughts and inculcating healthy study habits, resulting in a happier, more motivated child.


Harness the power of positive thinking

This programme was designed specifically for children from 7 years of age and above. Taking the advantage of their formative years, iNeuro Subliminal Accelerated Learning will shape their thinking habits and thought processes to create positive ideas throughout their developing years.

Simply play the MP3 for your child at any time of the day for about 1 hour on a daily basis to reap the full benefits of this program.






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