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iNeuro Subliminal Accelerated Learning Junior

Acure Brain Lab Pte Ltd

iNeuro Subliminal Accelerated Learning Junior


Give your kid the early advantage in life and develop his full potential!

Did you know that a child’s young brain grows and absorbs information at a rate much faster than us adults? This is why it is critical during these growing years to give your child the best head start in life and develop his unique talents…by making sure his brain is ready and primed to learn! With Accelerated Learning Junior, you can create the optimal state for his brain to explore this brand new exciting world and encourage your little one’s potential to be a young genius!


Recommended by Child Experts

Accelerated Learning Junior is based on years of in-depth research on the minds of highly successful people. It has also been highly recommended by leading child professionals, psychologists and physicians worldwide as an effective learning tool for children. So with Accelerated Learning Junior, you can rest assured that your little one is getting the best.

Incredibly easy to use

It can be hard for little ones at that age to have the willpower to sit still and listen while you teach them. They’re active and full of energy. But Accelerated Learning Junior is so easy and convenient for your child to use. All you have to do is let them listen to it over a sound system, or even while they are sleeping, and their subconscious mind will do the rest of the work for them!

See the positive change in your child

Have you ever tried to teach your child the same thing repeatedly but without much success? Your child could be negatively affected by previous experiences and associate studying with stress and difficulty. With Accelerated Learning Junior, your child’s brain will gradually learn to ‘push out’ negative thoughts and habits that are holding them back so they can get the most out of every learning experience!

Encourage the joy of learning

With Accelerated Learning Junior, the positive subliminal messages that your child hears will encourage him to actually enjoy the learning process. You’ll see that they naturally become more curious and open to new things and experiences, exploring the world around them, all without much nudging on your part.

Increase Focus and Concentration

There are many distractions in a little one’s world. But after using Accelerated Learning Junior, your child’s mind will be trained to the highest stages of focus and concentrate so they can absorb information quickly, have a deeper understanding and a more powerful memory. This means you spend less time with them revising and repeating, and more time learning new abilities and skills with them.

Give your child the best head start in life with Accelerated Learning Junior today! 



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