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iNeuro Subliminal Chinese Mastery

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iNeuro Subliminal Chinese Mastery


The Quick and Easy Way to Mastering Chinese

Forget about tedious memorisation techniques and seemingly endless tuition lessons to learn the Chinese language. Now there is a much faster and easier way to help your child learn naturally without the need for any complicated programmes. iNeuro Subliminal Chinese Language unleashes the power of your child’s subconscious mind from a young age so that the brain is trained to be receptive to learning Chinese. In no time, you will find your child perfecting his or her pronunciation, carrying out conversations and writing essays with ease.


Strengthening memory

iNeuro Subliminal Chinese Language helps the subconscious mind to improve memory, which is auseful asset to have, especially when learning a new language. Your child will absorb new vocabulary much faster and recall Chinese characters easily in both speech and writing.


 Advancing understanding

Your child’s mind will be moulded to readily process and decipher the Chinese language with greater ease. With consistent use of the MP3, your child’s learning potential will be effectively maximised, elevating their level of understanding and extending their abilities. Their minds will have greater clarity and focus to recall new phrases and words and improve their capacity to write and speak Chinese fluently.

Boosting confidence and improving pronunciation

With iNeuro Subliminal Chinese Language your child will become more motivated and driven tolearn and practice Chinese on a consistent basis. This boost of positivity and productivity will resultin improvements in both written and spoken Chinese, particularly in pronunciation. By learning at an accelerated speed, your child will be able to pick up correct speech habits from early on and carryout conversations with ease and accuracy.

Eliminate stress and frustration

Your child will not have to go though the anxiety and stress which most other children do whenlearning a language. Once their minds are trained using subliminal messaging to be receptivetowards learning Chinese, they will be in a much calmer and relaxed state of mind to be able to soak up and recall new information.

Gain the edge in learning Chinese

iNeuro Subliminal Chinese Mastery is meant for children from the age of 7. The programme takes advantage of their formative years to school the brain in learning and mastering the Chinese language quickly and easily.

Play the MP3 for your child for an hour each day and see how he or she quickly learns and improves his or her grasp of the Chinese language.


IV2 Music by : Jason Shaw

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