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iNeuro Subliminal Develop Speed Reading

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iNeuro Subliminal Develop Speed Reading


Double your reading speed

Reading copious amounts of information and comprehending all of that in a short amount of time is an essential skill for everyone who is pressed for time. From students to working adults, iNeuro Subliminal Speed Reading will greatly increase your ability to read and digest large chunks of information at an accelerated rate, while retaining key details and vital information. The programme taps into your subconscious mind using subliminal messages to help you save time and read effectively.


Accelerate your reading speed

iNeuro Subliminal Speed Reading trains the mind using subliminal messaging to read without the loss of comprehension or accuracy. By giving you the ability to breeze through larger sections of texts in the same amount of time, you can double your reading speed and have more time on your hands to get the real work done.

Get through chunks of text effortlessly

iNeuro Subliminal Speed Reading will train your mind to reverse old reading habits slow down your reading rate. It will enable you to read words without the need to read every single letter and reduce the need to sub vocalise every word, making you a faster, more efficient reader while maximising your time and productivity.

Skim through text at top speed

You will be able to skim through books, emails, memos and other material at a much faster rate, helping you in situations where time is of the essence. iNeuro Subliminal Speed Reading retrains your subconscious mind and enables you to sieve through lengthy texts, extract critical information and absorb it effectively.

Digest more information easily
Now, there is no need to spend, hours and days ploughing through books and thick chucks of text. With iNeuro Subliminal Speed Reading, your subconscious mind will be taught to manage information overload, allowing your brain to digest the content and grasp the essence of the topic at hand quickly and easily.

Harness the power of speed reading

iNeuro Subliminal Speed Reading caters for adults and students aged 7 and above, helping you tackle large amounts of text in a shorter time frame while maintaining accuracy and comprehension.

Simply play iNeuro Subliminal Speed Reading for about an hour a day on a consistent basis to reap the full benefits from this programme.

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