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iNeuro Subliminal True Genius

Acure Brain Lab Pte Ltd

iNeuro Subliminal True Genius


Set your inner genius free


Believe it or not, you are far cleverer and more capable that you think you are. Over the years, with limiting thoughts and negative perceptions clouding the brain, many of us fall prey into being critical of our own abilities. The truth is that there is a hidden Einstein inside each of us that iNeuro Subliminal True Genius is intended to unlock. Using the latest subliminal messaging technology, the programme sends powerful, life-changing messages to your subconscious mind, releasing the brain power you didn’t know you had and helping realise your full potential.


Maximise your intellectual capacity


Stop limiting yourself and start discovering your true potential with iNeuro Subliminal True Genius.Whether it is to take your career to the next level or give your grades a boost, you will be able to achieve far more than you ever thought possible as the programme pushes you to live up to your ultimate intellectual potential.

Running at maximum capacity, your brain will be capable of process new information efficiently and accurately, and recall it in double quick time. With a well-tuned mind, you will find yourself thinking with greater clarity and the added ability to achieve complete focus on your work.


Unleash enhanced abilities and skills


What goes on in the mind affects the way our physical performance. As that iNeuro Subliminal True Genius clears away the cobwebs of doubt, fear and other self-destructive thoughts, the full strength of your natural abilities and skills can begin to shine, giving you seemingly super talents.


Get Motivated


Easily bored? Uninspired? Frequently distracted? Now you can gain the motivation to achieve your goals. iNeuro Subliminal True Genius instils a burning desire to improve yourself. Gone are the days of struggling to study or dragging your feet to work. Instead, you will uncover a wish to learn new things, do more and transform into the best person you can be.

Tap into your natural creativity


As iNeuro Subliminal True Genius rids your mind of negative perceptions, it opens up your creative space, freeing your innate creativity and allowing you to conceive fresh ideas and innovative solutions to problems in life.


Discover your mind’s full potential


iNeuro Subliminal True Genius is the perfect tool for anyone from 7 years of age and above who want to get the most out of their natural talents. By simply playing the CD for an hour every day before studying, learning languages, writing, problem solving, participating in sports or playing a musical instrument, you will tap your mind’s ability to learn and realise the full extent of your capabilities



V2 Music by : Kevin MacLeod

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