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iNeuro Subliminal Vocabulary Mastery Junior

Acure Brain Lab Pte Ltd

iNeuro Subliminal Vocabulary Mastery Junior


Your Child – The Next Great Communicator

The early years of a child’s life is the time when their minds are supple and extremely receptive to learning. Taking advantage of this stage, iNeuro Subliminal Vocabulary Mastery Junior speaks subliminal messages into your child’s mind, carefully forming it as it develops into becoming finely tuned towards absorbing new vocabulary and language concepts. Watch in awe as your little one rapidly picks up words and starts speaking like a champion.


With this head start in life, your child will have no difficulty in finding the right words and have the confidence to speak in front of crowds as he or she matures.


Enhance comprehension and pronunciation

With so much information coming their way from the moment they are born, it can be difficult and confusing for a young child to grasp the intricacies of the English Language. iNeuro Subliminal Vocabulary Mastery Junior taps the subconscious mind to jump start your child’s comprehension and enhance his or her pronunciation from the beginning. The programme triggers brainwave patterns that optimise language learning, thus promoting his or her reading skills to the next level while increasing the depth and intensity of his or her comprehension.

Your child will be endowed with the ability to speak fluently and eloquently, and learn to write clearly and intelligently, setting the foundation for him or her to become a great communicator.

Improve vocabulary

The English language has countless words with more being added every year. With so much to learn, the subliminal programming of iNeuro Subliminal Vocabulary Mastery Junior helps expand your child’s vocabulary via powerful positive subliminal affirmations, empowering him or her with some 1,000 of the most commonly used words.

Excellent communication skills for life

Communication is an intrinsic part of life, whether it be in the social or business world. By boosting your child’s vocabulary skills early on, you are putting in place the building blocks for him or her to be a successful communicator and avoid the embarrassment or frustration of being misunderstood later on in life.

As a great orator, your child will grow up with a sense of achievement and strong self worth while continuing to maintain and develop an excellent command of the English Language.

Give your child the power of words

iNeuro Subliminal Vocabulary Mastery Junior is especially designed for children below the age of 7. By playing the MP3 as background music, your child will be able to raise their ability to comprehend and take control of the English language while on their way toward verbal and written confidence.


V2 Music by : Kevin MacLeod

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