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iNeuro SuperFocus

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iNeuro SuperFocus


The Optimum Brain For A Quicker, Smarter You

If you or your child have problems staying attentive, focus on homework, concentrate on work, get distracted easily, have difficulty getting motivated, unable to sit thru examination paper or concentrate in studies, then iNeuro SuperFocus is your answer - a solution to improve concentration, increase attention span and ability to concentrate on work. Without the need for pills or complicated programmes, you or your child can now improve their concentration power, their mental sharpness and clarity by simply listening to the soothing music brainwave therapy. The programme is designed to retune your brainwaves, improve attention span, improve concentration, improve memory, improve distraction while expanding your mental energy and clarity using proven technology. 


Manage ADHD and ADD

iNeuro SuperFocus changes the pattern of the mind’s brainwaves and systematically increases your concentration power. This unique programme drowns out mental and physical distractions with a heightened sense of clarity and focus, thus helping adults and children with ADD and ADHD to better manage and improve their condition.


Increase Intellectual Performance

iNeuro SuperFocus exercise the brain to attain the ideal brain state for better focus, concentration and optimal function. In children, the programme raises the ability to concentrate in class, focus on homework, ability to sit thru the examination paper, concentate in studies and absorb new concepts at an accelerated rate, making learning enjoyable. For adults, it raises the brains innate power to process information & concentrate on work while enhancing your logic, reasoning and creativity skills.


Improve Mental Endurance

iNeuro SuperFocus is the smoothest way to attain a higher level of concentration & attention span while eliminating fatigue. It gets your brain on your side by teaching it to emit new brainwave patterns which drive mental endurance and clear mental fog, thus giving you clarity and renewed energy. You will find it easier to remain focused on the task at hand and maintain high energy levels at both work and play.

Enhance Memory Power

A strong memory is, without a doubt, a vital asset. iNeuro SuperFocus stimulates the brain to operate at its highest performance rate, giving you enhanced powers of retention and recollection. Your brain will be pushed to work harder and more efficiently so that you can access and process information for ideal results.

Gain Strong Mental Acuity

iNeuro SuperFocus is designed for anyone above the age of 7 who wants to hone their mental abilities to achieve better focus, improve concentration, higher absorption powers, increase attention span, excellent mental stamina and stronger mental acuity.

Simply play the programme for at least 30 minutes a day while doing homework, studies, reading or working. For optimal results, use the MP3 consistently every day for first 4 - 5 months.





v1 music by : Kevin MacLeod

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